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Why join Unicanos

Our Values and our believes are the things which make us different, Wherever we operate, we work with integrity - making the right decisions and doing things the right way;The Directors and employees of Unicanos all endeavor to uphold and nurture accountability, transparency, fairness, and integrity in all aspects of our business to ensurethat we deliver excellence in everything that we do. Expressing our values, truthfully and honestly, will ensure that we succeed – both as a commercial company and as a group of people.

We are longing for the ones who
* share same value with us and eager to realize such value of his life;
* Believe he can work within a strong team and contribute to our team with his unique personality and skills;
* Can stand out against challenges and deliver results
You are welcome to send your offer to us through, if you believe you are the one, no matter which nation you come from, what language you speak and which gender you are.


We recognize that our performance and abilities are only as good as the employees we are able to attract, develop and retain, and that the core competitiveness of our organization depends on this.

We operate a flat management and corporate structure and believe in the involvement of our employees in decisions that directly affect them. SRK is independently owned and operated by its employees